This Weekend’s Geek Activities:


In the United States: 

Kotoricon Sewell, NJ PokeCON Louisville, KY
ShadowCon West Memphis, AR GAFilk Atlanta, GA
Illogicon Raleigh-Durham, NC Anime Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
New Orleans Comic Con New Orleans, LA Albuquerque Comic Con Albuquerque, NM
Ahn!Con Kansas City, MO


Around the World: 

Digi-Con Doncaster, UK


In Theaters: We’re finally exiting the family fare of the Christmas season. This weekend, Liam Neeson exhibits his particular set of skills one last time in Taken 3 and Ethan Hawke is a time-traveling cop in Predestination. While it’s not geeky, I think Selma is an important movie to mention at its wider release. It’s received all kinds of accolades and looks like a powerful film-going experience.


As usual, please check out the website of the event you’re interested in for further details. Also, if you know about an event in the future, drop me a line so I can make sure it’s added.