In the wake of a god’s death, associate contracts lawyer, Tara, is called in to settle his accounts. This might sound like a boring concept mixed with something intriguing. Never fear, it’s all intriguing. See, in the fantastic world that Max Gladstone has built, magic is based around contracts and deals made with deities. Of course, they don’t call it magic. It’s called Craft and those who can use it are respected and feared. Tara is a new employee at her firm and she and her boss, Ms. Kevarian, are tasked settling the god’s accounts by resurrecting him before his city falls. So begins Three Parts Dead.

Phew. That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

Somehow, Gladstone managed to blend creating this world with a story of mystical intrigue, betrayal, and murder without overburdening it with boring exposition. In fact, his exposition is far from dull. Gladstone has a marvelous way with words. I love his use language. For example, here’s this:

“After the scream came oblivion. She was simultaneously a tiny feather of a body driving down to a rolling ocean, and a diffuse cloud of soul, one with the sky, one with the wind. A thousand prickling tender touches lit upon her, as if she was caught in a rainstorm and the raindrops were love.

That’s new, she thought, before she hit the water.”

That’s pretty fantastic, right? It just gets better. My friends and I have a Facebook group where we share similes we find. I shared so many from this book while trying to entreat them all to purchase a copy of it.

So, there’s the awesome world and the rules that govern it. It’s so nice to see a fresh take on magic. For that alone, I’d recommend this book to any fantasy fans out there. It’s unique and marvelous. It’s a bit steampunk, a bit of a legal thriller, and all awesome. If my copy wasn’t electronic, I’d call it a real page-turner. As it is, it’s really just a phenomenal page tapper. It’s new, exciting, and features a diverse cast of characters that you’ll not soon forget.

I just bought the next book of the series, Two Serpents Rise. I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed my fix of this world. The next in the series, Full Fathom Five, comes out next month. Please, purchase a copy however you choose. You’ll love the exciting story.