The Lone Ranger was a movie that was many things. I would not necessarily list “good” among them. That being said, it wasn’t terrible. In its attempt to bring back the titular character’s fight for justice, it decided to address the rampant injustice that plagued the Old West, particularly the injustices perpetrated against the native population. I’m all for addressing those parts of history because those are stories that need to be told lest we forget what was done in the name of progress, but trying to shoehorn that message in a Summer blockbuster alongside cartoony action and zany horse jokes makes for an inconsistent and jarring film. That said, I want to give props to Johnny Depp for what he did with Tonto and the filmmakers for actually giving the character a fleshed-out back story. Armie Hammer was also an engaging presence as The Lone Ranger himself. Unfortunately, the performances of the actors weren’t enough to really make me rank the movie above a “meh.”

If you hadn’t guessed it by now, I’m not a fan of this film.

Furthermore, if studios really want to commit to the resurrection of decades’ old and nearly forgotten franchises, they really need to make sure that the first movie shows the best of what that franchise has to offer. They need to make it a fun, engaging film that will ignite the imagination and give a proper introduction to the generations who have no idea why they should care about this super-old franchise. Apparently, that is a lesson Hollywood has yet to learn.