With the release of the latest silver screen outing of everyone’s favorite giant lizard, it’s fun to look back on Godzilla’s previous cinematic outings. The award for one of my most favorite Godzilla movies of all time goes to Godzilla: Final Wars. It’s just pure, ridiculous fun.

All right. Here’s the gist: Many of Godzilla’s former foes take out some of Earth’s big cities (of course) until they are “eliminated” by some “helpful” aliens. The aliens warn of some impending doom and the countries of the world disband the UN in order to form an intergalactic alliance to take care of this new threat. As it so happens in films like these, nothing is as it seems and humanity ends up having to call on their former foe, Godzilla, to save the day.

Okay. I tried to keep that as spoiler-free as possible, but let’s face it, people don’t really go into Godzilla movies for the plot. People go to Godzilla movies for giant monsters and untold levels of property damage and, oh boy, does Godzilla: Final Wars deliver. There are giant monsters battling other giant monsters. There are zany human on human fight scenes. There’s completely inaccurate and hilarious science.

Godzilla: Final Wars isn’t a “good” movie. It isn’t meant to be.  It’s one of those movies you see like I first saw it: surrounded by friends while imbibing intoxicants. It’s an experience meant to be shared. At the end of the day, Godzilla: Final Wars is about bringing a community together through wanton destruction. Or something.