Considering the rest of the week’s content, you folks had to know this was coming. Of course I’d use my traditional day of reviews to talk about the game I’ve been anticipating most eagerly all year (and then some). For those of you interested in it, I’m going to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. This will be easy and you’ll see why.

Meanwhile, back in Thedas…

Before I begin, I just want to say that my one major complaint about Dragon Age: Inquisition is that I’ve had so little time to play it this week.

Tuesday found me stuck at the office later than I’d anticipated. When I finally got home, I kicked off my shoes, ripped open the Amazon package, and ran upstairs to start installing the game on my computer. I did all of this before taking my coat off. I was bouncing in my seat through dinner and ran back upstairs as soon as the meal was over to finish the installation process. When it was finally done, I clicked on the game to start it up. Then, nothing happened.

The game wouldn’t freakin’ start.

I Googled my problem and found out that a number of people had encountered a similar issue. I lamented on Facebook and whined at my friends. I was in tears. It was awful.

That was Tuesday. I reinstalled the game and a new day dawned on Wednesday. I was able to get the game to start. I got to the menu and it froze. I told my chat client, Trillian, to stop doing that overlay thing when I was in games. Finally, I was able to start the game.

Oh my goodness, it’s so pretty. The graphics are amazing and I was floored. I went through the new and improved character creator (so pretty) and made myself a Qunari Rogue. Then, I kicked things off. Since then, I’ve logged in all of 13 hours in the game. You’d think that was a lot, but you’d be wrong.

Gosh, it’s so big!

After 13 hours, my plot progress is minimal. You’re probably staring at the screen wondering about how that is even possible. I mean, you could just zip through Dragon Age II super quickly. Dragon Age: Inquisition? Not so much. This is, however, an awesome thing.

The maps are huge. The world is huge. The scope is huge. There is just so much stuff to do. I got distracted literally running around The Hinterlands and doing all sorts of little quests and stuff. Sure, there are a lot of fetch quests, but the fetch quests give me an opportunity to explore this beautifully animated world.

It wasn’t until yesterday, Thursday, that I actually decided to go toward the plot and advance things a bit. I’ve acquired some more members for my Inquisition since then. They’re all lovingly rendered and fantastically written. I expect no less from Bioware.

They have clearly taken their time and tried to craft a singularly unforgettable gaming experience. Once I got over the technical hurdle, I was sucked back into the world and entranced by all of the characters. Seriously, this game has been phenomenal for me so far.

My only complaint, though, is that the controls on the PC are just a bit bizarre and take some getting used to. They’re different from the previous games and those differences occasionally mess with me. I’m still getting used to the way combat works and how to best use the new tactics function. I’ll get the hang of it eventually. For now, I’m just enjoying every precious minute I get to spend on the game.

Speaking of the game, I’m going to cut this short and get back to playing it. Reviewing it for you is awesome, but I’ve got a world to save. I’ll let you know how that all turns out.