Once upon a time, I had created a blog. I’d intended to add a podcast to the blog, but it (and the blog) fell by the wayside. This site was not created to make up for that loss. This site was created as a response to Dragon*Con.

Dragon*Con 2011 was my fifth Dragon*Con. I’d been chatting on  a Facebook group about how I had always sort of wanted to be on a panel at a Con. I love talking about things. Someone on the group suggested I poke the American Sci-Fi Media Track because they needed panelists.

Ultimately, I ended up on seven panels. Seven. I talked about movies, TV shows, villainesses, fairy tales, and all sorts of things. The best part was that people seemed to enjoy what I was saying. In fact, some people actually wanted to hear/read more of what I had to say.

This is just the supply for a demand I didn’t know existed.

Expect general geekery on here. I will post random commentary on nerd news, events, links to my reviews for the Cavalcade of Schlock, and all sorts of things. Most importantly, I will be spewing all of the random nerd thoughts that come to my mind.

I’m still sleep-deprived from the Con and having gone to work today. There will be more. Oh yes, there will be more.