Apparently, I needed at least a week to get myself in order before I was able to start typing up a blog entry. As many of you may know, I was at Dragon*Con in Atlanta over Labor Day Weekend. It was my sixth one. I count them based off of who I roomed with that year. It’s a useful metric and rather reasonable since I’ve never roomed with anyone twice.

Anyway! The Con! We arrived Thursday after the long, long drive from Maryland to Atlanta. Yes, I drive. Why? It makes more sense than the hassle of flying. This year, my car ride included my brother, his wife, and our friend Mike. They were all Dragon*Con n00bs who are already making their plans to return next year.

Badge pick-up remained super-easy after the start of the barcode program last year. A part of me misses the shared misery of the 4-hour badge line. The rest of me thinks that part is insane and ought to be institutionalized. I love being able to get my badge in less than ten minutes.

I didn’t stay out too late Thursday night. I’ve discovered that I’ve yet to hit the true partying groove of Dragon*Con. I’ve become less inclined to party now that I’ve jumped on the panel train. Last year, I appeared on 7 panels for the American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media (AMSFFM) track. This year, I appeared on 9 panels spread out over three tracks: AMSFFM, American Sci-Fi Classics, and a brief appearance as partly me/partly my crazy Twitter alter-ego on the Star Wars track.

Anyway, now that I do the panel thing, I’ve gotten more neurotic about getting a decent amount of sleep each night. That means that I’m not partying. Someone needs to make sure I party next year. Seriously. If you see me, tell me about an awesome party and give me puppy dog eyes until I agree to show up. Then, remind me before the party so that I might actually do so.

Anyway! Let’s go to a couple of my panel highlights. Right off the top of my head, I want to thank Gary Mitchel, Joe Crowe, and Kellen Harkins for letting me be on their respective tracks’ panels. I got to use my BA in History to talk about the Cold War’s effects on film, particularly genre films. I got to talk about how the rise in our materialistic culture in the 80′s led to a less awesome treatment of women in TV and films. I also got to share my “down the rabbit hole” revelation about Mokey Fraggle and Zhaan from “Farscape.” I got to giggle about my favorite SyFy films and tell my Bigfoot story.

I lamented about cancelled shows. Twice (though one was for shows of yesteryear and the other for more recently cancelled fare). We geeked out about upcoming genre shows. I don’t care what the plot of “Arrow” might be, I’m checking in just for the hot protagonist and hoping for the best. We ultimately concluded that remakes were okay if they didn’t suck. We discussed the rules of time travel and the folks who might govern it. I got to talk about why the Sith are awesome.

Those are just some highlights from the panels I spoke on. I’m probably missing a bunch of awesome stuff, but it has been a week of mostly dead which coincided with my return to the land of the working after a few months of unemployment. I got to see some panels too. I got to hear David Gaider talk about sex in video games and some of the controversies that BioWare has been a part of and addressed. That was pretty cool.

Of course, there were the costumes and getting to see my n00b friends and family get introduced to the awesomeness of Dragon*Con. I got to see Billy Boyd walking down the street and rode the elevator with the voice of Gir. All in all, it was a good Con and I made some friends and lasting memories.

Seriously. If you’re a geek or a nerd or nerd/geek curious, you should check out Dragon*Con. I’ve never not had fun. Except for that one time a couple of years ago when. . .well, it wasn’t the Con’s fault. I blame booze and it wasn’t even booze I’d consumed.

In any event! Dragon*Con! It’s awesome! Also! Hey! A blog post! Whoa!