I know what you’re probably thinking: “Where have you been, Tegan? It’s been, like, two months and we’ve heard absolutely nothing from you! Did you fall into a ditch somewhere? Were you under a rock? Was it an alien abduction? It was totally an alien abduction, wasn’t it?”

I was not abducted by aliens.

I’ve been here the whole time. Waiting. Watching. Stalking you quietly from the shadows. That thing that moved in the corner of your eye that you quickly glanced over to see that there was nothing there at all in the first place? Yeah, that was totally me.

Okay, it wasn’t.

The long and short of it is that I was/am battling the blues and weirdly specific writer’s block. I could write some fanfic or even the occasional well-worded Facebook or Tumblr post, but then I’d come here and stare blankly at the screen while my words would dry up and my fingers would freeze.

I would get so annoyed at myself. I knew I could do this. I knew I was just making excuses as to why there wasn’t anything being done with the site. Being annoyed would then just slip very easily into anger followed by shame and regret. Thus, I entered the Great Shame Spiral.

Taking a Break

I decided that the best thing for me was to just ride it out. Without word, I decided to take a break. I wasn’t going to touch or even really think about the website for a while. I just wanted to break the cycle of regret and try to get my brain back in order.

While we’re not totally there yet, and haven’t been for a while, I’m ready to come back and get things rolling again. The first thing on my agenda is to get blogs happening again. The second thing is going to be me playing catch-up with some movies I’ve loved and have been meaning to review. Look forward to seeing my thoughts on Mad Max: Fury Road and Inside Out.

From there, we’ll get back to lists and, of course, the Weekend in Geek.

We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming soon enough. For now, it’s enough to just dust this off and start producing some kind of content. Look for the first of a blog series starting tomorrow. It’s going to be Disney-related and I hope you’ll be as intrigued by the subject matter as I am.

It’s good to be back.

Tune in tomorrow for more content!