I had always intended to write more in this blog and, goodness knows, I’ve had the time for it lately. Yet it always seemed to fall by the wayside and slip through the cracks. Instead, I’ve been filling my time with video games and job hunting. By the way, if you haven’t gotten it yet, buy The Last of Us for the PS3. It is wonderful, amazing, and will bring tears to your eyes in the best way possible.

Anyway, my dear friend, Micah Pearson, offered to give my website a much-needed makeover on the understanding that I was going to use it well. I just want to thank him for his time, talent, and effort in getting this website up to snuff. By the way, you should check out his website. It’s full of beautiful arty goodness.

This website will continue to feature blog posts and reviews, but it will also feature lists of things (my favorite or otherwise) and a new section entitled “Weekend in Geek” where I’ll share some of the nerdy events going on around the country with some global highlights.

Welcome to the newly-improved, wonderful, random, and frequently entertaining world of Tegan, the Freelance Nerd.