Recently, I posted on Facebook about catching up on season three of “The Vampire Diaries.” My statement of love for the show was initially met with skepticism and some support. I felt a blog post coming on.

Why do I love “The Vampire Diaries?” If it wasn’t so awesome, I’d probably say something like: “I love trashy shows with pretty people.” As I said, that would be doing the show a disservice. Sure, it initially sounds like Just Another Vampire Show. The first bit of plot centers around teenager Elena (Nina Dobrev) and the vampire she falls for, Stefan (Paul Wesley). Then, we add in Stefan’s brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) for more drama.

They add witches, werewolves, and their own twist on the vampire mythology. Say what you want about people tweaking how vampires traditionally work, at least these vampires don’t sparkle. As long as there’s some semblance of consistency and respect for “traditional vampirism,” I have no problems with changing some of the rules to suit a particular story.

Despite its initially slow start as just another CW teen drama, “The Vampire Diaries” rises above its roots to become more nuanced as the seasons continue. I just finished the third and am fascinated to see just how far the show has come during these three seasons. It’s been fun watching the characters grow and change throughout the show. It’s been especially fun to watch the talented actors breathe life into each twist and turn that their characters take.

It’s not a perfect show and I do have some criticisms (though only minor ones). That said, when “The Vampire Diaries” returns in October, you can bet your sharpest  fangs and claws that I’ll be glued to the screen.