Every week, I find myself asking my friends what I should write about. More often than not, Micah tells me that I should write about him. Since it’s been a long day and I wasn’t sure what else to write about, I decided to indulge him. More or less. Kind of. See, I’m not just going to write about him. I’m going to write a bit about all of the wonderfully crazy folks that I am lucky enough to call my friends. I’ll start with Micah, though.

I met Micah many years ago at a New Year’s Party. We did some math just a little while ago and he thinks we’ve known each other for going on ten years or so. That’s a little weird. He and I didn’t really become close friends until he started the Cavalcade of Schlock. There was a time when he asked me out. Well, he asked me to go see Watchmen in theaters. Since I’ve been friends with guys for a long time, I figured it was just buddies going to a movie and I invited a friend along. He has jokingly never let me live that down. Anyway! We’ve been through a lot together. Through all kinds of drama (mostly his if we’re being honest) and after he moved across the country to New Mexico, we’ve been close.

I was feeling really down in the dumps back in the latter part of 2012. I was unemployed and had no idea when I’d be earning money again. I was feeling crappy and useless and Micah offered to give my website a much-needed redesign because he thought I needed the pick-me-up. Of course, I had to promise to actually use the website he designed. That’s why there was almost a whole year of Weekend in Geek before I managed to get my act together enough to start writing consistent content. He tells me that he’s proud of me and he’s one of the people who also shares my links on Facebook. Basically, you guys wouldn’t be reading this without Micah.

Nowadays, Micah and I primarily communicate through Google Hangout and the occasional phone call. The Google Hangout also includes some of my other wacky friends, like Mac who I’ve known for, goodness, nearly 15 years now. Though, like some other friends of mine, we didn’t really become close until later. Then there’s Crystal who is “always there to whip it out to save [me].” Yes, that is a direct Google Hangout quote. There’s also the occasional appearance of Stephanie who’s always on point with some snarky and innuendo-laden remark (aren’t those comments the best, though?). We’re all at different stages of our lives, but I know that they’re there for me if I need them and I’m sure they know that I’ll always be there for them too.

Earlier today, I was talking to my good friend, Carlos, about his house and its impending sale. I’ve known Carlos for almost 15 years now. I met him when he was one of the ST team for a Technocracy LARP that ran out of the University of Maryland in College Park. Now, he’s one of those kinds of people who knows everyone. Well, at least it seems like he knows everyone. Back in the day, his house used to be the place to be. We’d spend hours upon hours in his basement, the lot of us, playing tabletop games, watching movies, playing video games, and just goofing off. I spent the evening of my 21st birthday in that basement watching Repo Man and drinking wine coolers. Through Carlos, I’ve met a whole lot of people (like Micah). I even had the privilege of being his wedding director back in 2012 when he married his lovely wife, Jenny. That signaled a new chapter in his life as he’s been getting ready to put the Casa de Carlos (the CDC) on the market.  It’s the end of an era, but I know we’ll have a lot of memories to laugh about for ages and ages.

I’m not going to devote this whole blog post to individually describing each and every one of  my friends (Micah is special because he is my web guy and needs his props and I’ve acquired a good chunk of my friends through Carlos). That would take a long while. I just want to say that my friends are really awesome and generous folks. Thanks to one of them, I’m getting to go on my first non-convention vacation in a long, long time. We’re going on a cruise to the Bahamas this coming week and I’m stoked (thanks, Tihana!). Don’t worry, I’m going to schedule a week’s worth of content in advance and Micah’s going to make sure the links end up on Facebook.

Back when we still had lots of free time, we’d go on adventures. Once upon a time, we wandered around Gettysburg and made up historical facts. We’ve talked about that trip for years. We were The Fellowship of the Van. Some of us even made a trip to Annapolis to repeat the experience, but the original trip was really set a high bar. I’ve told my parents that they’re not allowed to get rid of our Chevy Astro until the Fellowship has had a chance to ride again.

Sure, our relationships with each other have changed throughout the years. Some folks have come and gone. That’s just the way of groups of people. At heart, we’re still folks that show our love for each other in sarcasm and nerd references.

Man, this blog post is getting disjointed and losing its train of thought, but I just want to say that I’m happy to have the friends I do, new and old. You guys make my life a lot more fun and I’m grateful for the laughter and stories we’ve shared with each other. I hope to have many more years of both to come with all of you. I’m weird, you guys are weird, and that’s what makes us awesome. We’re strange in ways that complement each other and that’s the kind of strangeness that will keep us going for years and years to come. I hope you guys out there can find friends who are weird and strange in ways that go along with your own weirdness. It really is the best way to go through life.