Yes, that’s right. I’m devoting today’s Me Monday to Tumblr. I am going to blog about another blogging platform.

For the uninitiated, Tumblr is a social networking site that allows its users to post pictures, gifs, links, and text posts in a short-form blog format. Launched in 2007, it’s become a huge part of fandom on the internet. Not just that, it’s become another way to disseminate information. Sure, it has its flaws, but that’s what happens when you put people into contact with each other on the internet. There are good folks and bad. Sad as it is, that’s the way of the world.

I got into Tumblr a little over a year ago. For the longest time, I resisted its siren call. Eventually, though, the fan art and cute animal pictures won me over and I was soon hooked. Now, I’m an addict. When I returned from my recent cruise, I spent many, many hours catching up on all of the posts I missed. You’re probably wondering what I find so appealing about it now. I don’t blame you. It looks like a crazy place.

My Tumblr dashboard is full of fandom, cute animals, half-naked (and sometimes completely naked) people, and all kinds of other stuff. I love seeing the newest gifs and pieces of art that people have created. The best part of Tumblr, for me, is seeing people’s criticisms of pop culture and society at large. I have learned so much in the past year. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s too much, but I don’t really believe in the idea of there being such a thing as too much knowledge. If I find it difficult to enjoy some of the things I used to because I see problems I never noticed before, that’s the fault of culture and creators that made those things. I’m going to apologize for the grammatical problems in that last sentence. I couldn’t figure out a better way to articulate myself.

As someone who likes learning new things and acquiring random facts to add to my arsenal, Tumblr is a pretty fantastic place for me. I learn something new almost every day whether it’s about another historical figure that’s been marginalized and forgotten or finding out about an artist or author who’s challenging stereotypes and trying something new. Needless to say, the fact that I’m getting more into comic books now is a direct result of the things I’ve seen on Tumblr.

The past year on Tumblr has been an eye-opening experience as I’ve found myself having to confront my own prejudices and preconceived notions. As a result, I’ve found myself trying to have some much-needed dialogues with people in my life. Sometimes, it works out well. Other times, not so much. Yes, for all people may complain, Tumblr is home to the Social Justice Warriors and I hope to one day be counted among their ranks.

With the fading days of LiveJournal, the landmine-strewn battlefield that can be Facebook, and the too-short nature of Twitter, it’s been wonderful to find another place where one can build communities and meet new people. I’m still working on acquiring new friends and followers on Tumblr, but, for now, I’m going to just keep following a whole bunch of blogs and share the latest interesting posts I discover on Tumblr.

So, yes, forget what you think you know about Tumblr and give it a try. It can be a wonderful and welcoming space. Just remember that there are always haters that seek to bully and forsake all bonds of fellowship. Let’s not let them win. Let’s fill it with learning and love.

This blog post brought to you by Tumblr and my catching up on “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

P.S. You can find me here on Tumblr.