As the clock ticks ever closer to midnight, it occurred to me that I really needed to get my butt in gear to write you all a blog post. It’s been one of those days when I just couldn’t figure out something to blog about. On top of that, the impending Snowy Doom sucked up a lot of mental bandwidth. That’s why you’re getting a quick recap of my week. Mwahahahahaha. . .ha. . .haha. Ha. I’ll try to make this interesting.

Working Hard for the Money

I like my job. I’ve got crazy hours, but everyone there is nice. They also let me wear my t-shirts and jeans. This may factor into why I enjoy my job. I have a lot of t-shirts. In the interests of full disclosure, most of my wardrobe is t-shirts. Sure, I own articles of clothing that aren’t t-shirts, but those things are no fun.

Around the holidays, things around the office slowed down. They always do. I should probably take a moment to briefly talk about what I do. I facilitate teleconferences and webinars. We work with both government and private clients. I get to listen to all kinds of calls. I’m still considering a buzz word Bingo card for my own entertainment. I have a couple of coworkers who would find that quite entertaining on sales calls. It would definitely make things more interesting.

We sort of hit the ground running around mid-January and we’ve been getting busier ever since. I’ve been having some of my busiest weeks lately. It’s good for the bank account but not as good for the free time that I’ve become accustomed to. It’s a trade-off I’ve been told that a lot of adult-type people make.

I’m not going to continue boring you with work. Much as I’d like to, I can’t go into too many details. You know. Client confidentiality and all that. What I am going to say about my week at work is that I don’t get how people consistently get up early every day for work. I’m used to getting a chance to sleep in on occasion during the week. Anyway! Enough work! Let’s go to the other thing that’s been taking up a lot of time time: renovating.

Renovation Win!

Aside from a new area rug that’s due to arrive later this week, I think I can officially say that we’re done with the renovation project that’s been the focus of much of our attention at home. All of the IKEA shelving is assembled, the fake fireplace has been constructed and placed in front of our real fireplace, and we’ve even hung up the lamps just where we wanted them and put pictures on the wall. On Valentine’s Day, my parents and I finally started unpacking all of the boxes full of books.

My parents and I are huge bibliophiles. Dad’s primarily into historical non-fiction books while Mom and I are into romance novels. We all share a love of Sci-Fi. So, yes, Valentine’s Day was spent unpacking, sorting, and alphabetizing all of my mother’s books until, at long last, we were able to place them all on shelves. We still have shelf space leftover. Thank you, IKEA!

Back in the day, my mother used to joke that she was all right with my brother and I being comfortable in the house as long as we didn’t get too comfortable. She liked having us around, but she wanted us to move out one of these days. Well, my brother has his own place now. Me? I still haven’t left the nest.

My parents are cool with the fact that I’m still in the house. Mom’s even letting me spread out from the storage room that I happen to sleep in. That’s what my room feels like. When it’s clean, I’ll have to take a picture for you all so you understand. Right now, it’s totally not clean.

Free Time?

When not working or renovating, I tried to stay caught up on TV and mostly just goofed off on the internet. I did make time to take my Dad out to see a couple of movies. We saw Kingsman: The Secret Service on Thursday and The Seventh Son on Friday. My review for the former is up already. My review for the latter will be appearing this week.

What else did I do? I celebrated a friend’s birthday and tried to stay warm because it’s been really cold outside. Right now, it’s fourteen degrees outside and snowing. My parents and I already shoveled once. Tomorrow is going to be interesting. Oh yeah.

That’s what brings us back to this moment when I’m sitting in our finally finished family room. The Birdcage is playing on the TV. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with this movie, but that’s something I can get into at another time. All I can think about is how this movie reminds me that there’s no shame in just being who you are no matter what anyone else might think, including ungrateful spawn.

I promise that there will be a more interesting blog post next week. Trust me.