As you can tell, I’m still super excited about the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition. While I get ready to play it, I decided that today’s list would be a ranking of my favorite companion characters from the Dragon Age franchise so far. This will, of course, not cover Inquisition’s companions as I’ve yet to meet them. I also understand that this will likely drum up some controversy. Feel free to complain about my choices in the comments or on Facebook.

11. Oghren – Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Awakening


There’s just something fun about Oghren. He’s a drunk who has a thirst for ale and battle. He’s also a bit of a softy if you dig deep enough. As eager for a fray as he is for a party, he’s a fantastic companion to take on adventures.

10. Sigrun – Dragon Age: Awakening


As a member of the famous Legion of the Dead, an elite branch of the dwarven military most well-known for becoming symbolically dead before beginning their mission in the Deep Roads, you expect Sigrun to be dour and totally not funny. You’d be wrong. Sigrun is perky and has a great sense of humor. For her, it seems her “second death” was somewhat liberating.

9. Morrigan – Dragon Age: Origins


Speaking of folks with an unexpected sense of humor, we have Morrigan. While she’s abrasive and apathetic to the suffering of others, her companion arc with the Warden is rather rewarding. I love how uncomfortable she becomes toward the end while trying to describe how the Warden has become her first real friend. It’s oddly endearing. I’m just going to not talk about the problematic “Dark Ritual.” So, let’s move on.

8. Isabela – Dragon Age II


When first encountered in Dragon Age: Origins, she’s fighting off some other unsavory folks. A pirate with an eye for booty of all kinds, she’ll be happy to join the Warden and their love interest (and Zevran if you play your cards right) for a night of boat-rockingly fun times. In Dragon Age II, she becomes a full-on companion and potential love interest for Hawke. She’s quick with quips and frequently flirty. She is also the cause of strife between Kirkwall and the Qunari. That doesn’t make her any less entertaining.

7. Nathaniel Howe – Dragon Age: Awakening

Nathaniel Howe

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I’m a huge fan of the Cousland back story. That’s why I ultimately adore Nathaniel Howe. There may be an unfinished fanfic in my Google Drive. I will neither confirm nor deny its potential existence. Anyway, Arl Rendon Howe, Nathaniel’s dad, was a very bad man. He was voiced by Tim Curry so it’s not really a surprise. Nathaniel’s mission is to regain some of his family’s lost honor and to, in a way, atone for his father’s actions. I admire the guy for that.

6. Zevran – Dragon Age: Origins


Speaking of admiration, you have to give props to a guy whose response to his impending death is to flirt with his would-be killer. That’s how the Warden meets Zevran. It basically sets the tone for their interactions throughout the rest of the game in Origins. Of course I’ve played Wardens who’ve chosen him as a love interest. His romance arc is definitely swoonworthy.

5. Shale – Dragon Age: Origins


Shale is a golem. Shale hates birds. Well, Shale mostly hates pigeons, really. It’s understandable, really, after years of standing there while people enticed pigeons to use Shale as a bathroom. You’ll notice that I’m not using pronouns for Shale. I think Shale would prefer that. I love the story for Shale and everything. I also love Shale’s fondness for squishing things.

4. Fenris – Dragon Age II


He’s angsty and broody, but there’s just something about Fenris that makes me swoon every time. We established yesterday that it was his voice. I do like his dark humor and rare joke. I’m also amused that if he doesn’t end up with Hawke, he and Isabel strike up a romance. He was a slave in the Tevinter Imperium and had lyrium burned into his skin. That makes him understandably not fond of Mages as well as being a really formidable warrior. I just like watching him wield his big sword.

I did mean the weapon. Not his. . .nevermind.

3. Alistair – Dragon Age: Origins


Outside of Duncan, Alistair is the first introduction that the player has to the Grey Wardens. His sense of humor despite the grim task at hand always set me at ease. I loved his jokes and the adorable way he tries to flirt. I do emphasize trying there because he spent a lot of time among members of his own sex. He doesn’t quite get how to romance, but he definitely picks things up quickly. Oh yeah. He was my first Dragon Age love and certainly my favorite. So far.

2. Sten – Dragon Age: Origins


I love Sten. I know a lot of people who also love Sten. Rescued from a cage in Lothering after the loss of his sword (the weapon, you perverts) caused him to fly into a homicidal rage. I respected his honesty and how up-front he was about what he’d done. His respect for the Warden, particularly a female one, was difficult to earn, but well worth it in the end. I’m not going to lie and say that I wasn’t disappointed by the fact that you couldn’t romance him. Oh well.

1. Varric – Dragon Age II


What can I say about Varric that he wouldn’t say himself? He’s a consummate storyteller prone to embellishing his already epic tales. He’s witty, fun, and damn good with his crossbow, Bianca. He also has impressive chest hair. He’s a must for every party just because of his party banter and sheer awesomeness.

Honorable Mention: Dog – Dragon Age: Origins


At some point, your Warden will  a dog. As a Cousland, you start with the your Mabari war hound. It’s a noble thing. Everyone else can get the dog by completing a little side quest at Ostagar. The dog is a pretty badass companion. If you want some stuff wrecked, send in the dog. The dog also has some great moments with each of the companions, particularly Sten. It’s a bummer that a dog isn’t a full companion in Dragon Age II, but you do get one for some adorable moments at the Hawke Homestead.

Special Note: Leiliana


You’re probably noticing that I haven’t included Leiliana in my list of favorites. For those of you who are die-hard Leiliana fans (hey, Crystal!), you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy. I just never really warmed to her. Sure, she shares some fun stories and “Leiliana’s Song” is a fantastic piece. She just rubbed me the wrong way. That’s all. No offense, folks, but I only put her in my party if I have need of a rogue.