As I mentioned on Monday, I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition lately. They dropped the first DLC for the game on Tuesday (so far, so good!) and I’ve had to readjust the tactics I use in the game. I kept dying in this ridiculous combat over and over and over again. It was frustrating and gave me a great idea for a list. Today, I’m going to share with you some of my least favorite characters I’ve had to fight in games. Now, I’m not talking boss battles or anything like that. We’ll get to those later. It’s all about the fights you get into prior to those battles. Before we continue, I’m going to remind you that my experience as a gamer has been primarily in the PC realm and that there are many games I just haven’t played. So, if I miss something you love to hate, that’s probably why.

Cazadors (Fallout: New Vegas)


The first three items on this list come from my 6-month stint as a QA tester with Bethesda Softworks/Zenimax. Prior to joining the team, I had never played any Fallout or Elder Scrolls games. Well, I had played some Fallout 3 before the game crashed on me. My laptop at the time just did not like it for some reason, so I was planning on updating the graphic card with one I found at this HotRate review guide here. Anyway, my introduction to the franchise came in the form of Fallout: New Vegas. There are a lot of things in the Wasteland that want to kill you. The one thing that ticked me off the most were the Cazadors. See, the Deathclaws were these huge monsters that were pretty obvious about the fact that they could seriously mess you up. Cazadors are these giant mosquitoes that end up swarming you and poisoning you. They move quickly and can be pretty hard to shoot. Needless to say, I may have cursed their existence more than once.

Falmer (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)


If The Elder Scrolls was The Lord of the Rings, the Falmer would be their version of orcs. Twisted and mangled elves, they inhabit Dwemer ruins and generally make a nuisance of themselves. If you’re not careful, things could end very poorly. On top of that, facing them often results in also facing the icky Chaurus. They’re these insects that hit you with poison and can also be difficult to kill. Anyway, Falmer. They look gross and they have a depressing history. So, yeah. I’m totally not a fan.

Mutants (RAGE)


I’m not generally keen on first-person shooters. I’m a role-playing game kind of gal, after all. As a part of my job, I spent many hours testing RAGE. In this post-apocalyptic future, you have to battle both humans and mutants. Battling humans is pretty standard across a lot of games so, really, that’s kind of old hat. After many hours of working on this game, I’d go home at night and try to sleep, but the sound of the mutants would haunt me after I closed my eyes. It was like that phantom telephone ring that would bug me when I worked in a call center. It took ages for that to finally go away. Now, I can play the game after a stressful day at work and not fear having that sound in my head.

Splicers (BioShock)


I can’t play BioShock by myself alone at night because of the Splicers. They’re what’s left of the population of Rapture. Deranged and deformed, they’re quite adept at leaping at you from the shadows. The leaping out at me thing is bad enough, but being able to hear them and not finding out where they are? Yeah. That’s not cool. It’s great for the atmosphere and everything, but Hell on my ability to walk around my house at night without my gaze darting from shadow to shadow. I know it’s just a game, but damn. Just…damn.

Clickers (The Last of Us)


Speaking of things in the shadows, let’s go into the horrifying Clickers from The Last of Us. In the game, zombies come in a variety of forms. The one that freaks me out the most are the Clickers. They’re blind and, like the Falmer, can track you if you make any sound.  As their name would suggeSpeakst, they make a clicking sound in order to navigate. Like the mutants, that sound tends to stick with you. Furthermore, it’s a sound that you really hate having to hear in game. Did I mention that they are also incredibly creepy looking? I had to share a picture. I’m sorry.

Banshees (Mass Effect 3)


The last three entries on this list have a lot in common. 1) They’re all from Bioware games and 2) They all make distinctive noises. It’s funny how sound really adds to the gaming experience, right? You’ll have to bear with me as I talk to you all about the Banshees of Mass Effect 3. I haven’t touched the franchise since I finished my playthrough and got really pissed at the game’s ending. That was a few years ago. I should probably get over that and pick it up again. Anyway! Banshees are the corrupted version of Asari that you end up having to fight throughout the game. They scream, teleport, and kick your ass all over the place with biotics. They’re formidable and creepy looking.

Shrieks (Dragon Age: Origins)


Clickers gotta click and Shrieks gotta shriek. These clawing enemies make one of the most irritating sounds known to mankind. I love the Dragon Age franchise and I’m so glad that they haven’t really brought Shrieks back. Now that I’ve typed this, they may pop up again someday. Who knows? Anyway, I hate fighting these guys due to their quick clawing action and the aforementioned sound. I wish I could really articulate what it sounds like, but you can probably dig up a video of YouTube or something.

Despair Demons (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

Despair Demon

Argh! Despair Demons! This is why I am writing this list! I got cornered by three of them while playing the new DLC and just couldn’t shake them until I managed to get lucky. They’re these demons that float around, make a high-pitched screaming noise, and hit you with these streams of ice. They’re a complete pain in the ass and I always try to kill them first. Any other demon, I’m okay with. Rage, Pride, Fear. . .I can handle those. Freakin’ Despair Demons. Just typing about them is getting me annoyed.